Most Common Abbreviations - digitalstudyfire

Most Common Abbreviations - digitalstudyfire

Letter A

a. adjective.

A.A. anti-aircraft.

A.A.A. Amateur Athletic Association.

A.A.S. Academic Americanac Socius, Fellow of the American Academy.

A.B.A. Amateur Boxing Association.

abbr (ev). abbreviation; abbreviated

A.B.F.M. American Board of Foreign Missions.

ab init. ab initio.

abl. ablative.

abs., abstr., abstract.

abs. re. absente reo (=the accused being absent)

A.C. (elec.) alternating current; Assistant Commissioner

a/c, acc(t). account.

A.C.A. Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

acc(us). accusative.

Ack-Ack. anti-aircraft.

A.D. anno Domini.

ad. Advertisement.

A.D.C. Aide-de-camp.

ad. inf. ad infinitum (=to infinity).

adj. adjective.

ad. lib. ad libitum (=at pleasure).

ad loc. ad locum, at the place.

a.d.p. automatic data processing.

A.D.M.K. Annadurai Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (utfry astro 759)

adv. adverb.

ad. val. ad valorem (=at value).

advt. advertisement.

A.E.A. Atomic Energy Authority (UK).

A.E.C. Army Educational Corps.

ae., aet. of his age, aged (so many years).

A.F.A. Associate of the Faculty of Ac- tuaries.

A.G. Adjutant-General.

agr., agric. agriculture.

A.H. anno Hegirae (=fagfs ta).

A.I.A. Associate of the Institute of Actuaries.

A.I.C.C. All-India Congress Committee.

A.I.C.E. Associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

A.I.C.S. All India Council of Sports.

A.I.D. Agency for International Development (US).

A.I.F.F. All-India Football Federation.

A.I.H.B. All India Handloom Board; All India Handicraft Board.

A.I.I.H.P.H. All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health.

A.I.M.M. Associate of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

A.I.N.E.C. All India Newspaper Editor Conference.

A.I.N.T.U.C. All-India National Trade Union Congress.

A.I.R. All-India Radio.

AI.T.U.C. All-India Trade Union Congress.

Alban. of St. Alban.

Ald. alderman.

alg. algebra

alt. alternate; altitude; alto.

a.m. ante meridiem.

Am. Amer. America; American.

A.MIC.E. Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

A.MI.E.E. Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers,

amp. ampere.

a.m.t. airmail transfer.

amu. atomic mass unit.

anat. anatomy.

anon. anonymous.


A.0. Army Order.

A.O.C.-in-C. Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief.

A.P. Associated Press.

Apl. April.

Apoc. Apocalypse.

app., appx. appendix.

approx. approximate.

Apr. April.

Aq. aqua.

Ar., Arab. Arabic.

A.R.A. Associate of the Royal Academy.

arch. archaic.

arch., archi., archit. architecture.

archaeol. archaeology.

A.R.C.S. Associate of the Royal College of Science.

arg. argentum (=silver).

A.R.I.B.A Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

arith. arithmetic; arithmetical.

A.R.P. Air Raid Precaution.

A.R.S.M. Associate of the Royal School of Mines.

art. article.

art., arty. artillery.

A.S. Anglo-Saxon.

A.S.A. Amateur Swimming Association.

A.S.E. Amalgamated Society of Engineers.

A.S.E.A.N. (or ASEAN) Association of South East Asian Nations.

A.S.I. Anthropological Survey of India.

Ass., Assoc. Association.

Asst. Assistant.

A.S.T. Atlantic Standard Time.

astrol. astrology.

A.T.C. Air Training Corps.

A.T.S. Auxiliary Territorial Service.

A.T.S. Assistant Traffic Superintendent.

a.t.s. anti-tetanic serum.

attrib. attribute; attributive; attributi vely.

at. wt. atomic weight.

Au. aurum (gold).

Aug. August.

auto. automatic.

A.V., Auth. Ver. Authorized Version.

A.V annos vixit (=lived so many years).

avoir. avoirdupois.

av. average.

Simple Tense

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