Most Common Abbreviations List digitalstudyfire

Most Common Abbreviations List digitalstudyfire

Most Common Abbreviations List

B. British, Bible.

b. born.

B.A. Bachelor of Arts.

B.Agr. Bachelor of Agriculture.

bal. balance.

Bar. Barrister.

B.A.R.C. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre.

Bart. Baronet.

bat(t). battalion; battery.

B.B.C. British Broadcasting Corporation.

B.C. Before Christ.

B.C.L. Bachelor of Civil Law.

B.Com. Bachelor of Commerce.

B.D. Bachelor of Divinity.

B.E. Bachelor of Engineering.

b.e. bill of exchange.

B.Ed. Bachelor of Education.

B.E.M. British Empire Medal.

Benelux. Belgium Netherlands and Lux emburg.

Beng. Bengali.

Berks. Berkshire.

bet. between.

Bib. Bible.

Bibl. Biblical.

B.I.C.P. Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices.

B.I.M. British Institute of Management.

biog. biographer, biography, biogra phical.

B.I.S. Bank for International Settlements.

biol. biology; biological.

bk. book, bank.

B.L. Bachelor of Law.

bldg. building.

B.M. Bachelor of Medicine; Brigade Major.

B.M.A. British Medical Association.

B.M.J. British Medical Journal.

B.Mus. Bachelor of Music.

B.O.A.C. British Overseas Airways Corporations.

bot. botany; botanical.

Boul. Boulevard.

B. Pharm. Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Br. Brother.

Br bromine.

br. branch.

b.r. bank rate.

Brig. Brigadier.

Bros. Brothers.

B.Sc. Bachelor of Science,

B.S.I. Botanical Survey of India.

B.S.F. Border Security Force.

B.S.T. British Summer Time.

B.Th.U. British Thermal Unit.

B.T.U. Board of Trade-Unit; British Thermal Unit.

Bucks. Buckinghamshire.

butment. abutment.

Bulg. Bulgaria; Bulgarian.

B.U.P. British United Press.

bush. bushel.

B.V. Beata virgo (=Blessed virgin ); Bene Vale (=farewell).

B.W.I. British West India.

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