Most important abbreviations

Most important abbreviations

A.M. - Ante Meridiem

B.A. - Bachelor of Arts 

B.Com. - Bachelor of commerce 

B.D.O. - Block Development Office 

B.Sc. - Bachelor of science 

B.Ed. - Bachelor of  Education 

B.E. - Bachelor of  Engineering 

C.P.I. - Communist Party of India 

C.I.D. - Criminal Investigation Department 

C.U. - Calcutta University

C.M.D.A - Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority

D.P.I. - Director of Public Instruction

D.M. - District Magistrate

D.V.C. - Damodar Valley Corporation

G.M.T. - Greenwich Mean Time

G.P.O. - General Post Office

I.B. - Intelligence Branch

I.D. - Intelligence Department

I.F.A. - Indian Football Association

I.A.S - Indian Administrative Service

L.I.C. - Life Insurance Corporation

M.A. - Master of Arts

M.COM. - Master of Commerce

M.Sc. - Master of Science

M.B.B.S. - Bachelor of Medicine and of Surgery

M.P. - Member of Parliament

M.O. - Money Order / Medical Officer

M.L.A. - Member of the Legislative Assembly

O.C. - Officer-in-Charge

O.K. - All right

O.I.G.S. - On India Government Service

O.P. - Out Post

P.W.D. - Public Works Department

P.S. - Police Station

P.H.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

P.T.O. - Please Turn over

P.M. - Post Meridiem

S.D.O. - Sub-divisional officer

T.V. - Television 

U.N.O. -  United Nations of Organization

U.S.A. - United States of America

V.C. - Vice Chancellor

V.I.P. - Very Important Person

V.P.P. - Value payable post

W.B.C.S. - West Bengal Civil Service

W.H.O. - World Health Organization

W.B.B.S.E. - West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

S.S.C - School Service Commission

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