Most Common Abbreviations List

Most Common Abbreviations List

Most Common Abbreviations List

C. Centigrade.

C. carbon.

C.A. Chartered Accountant.

Cal. Calcutta:

Cal(if). California.

Cam(b). Cambridge.

Cant. Canterbury; Canticles.

Cantab. Cantabrigiensis  (of Cambridge).

Cap. caput (=chapter); capital.

Caps. capitals.

Capt. Captain.

C.A.R. Central African Republic.

car. carat.

C.A.R.D. Campaign Against Racial Discrimination.

Card. Cardinal.

C.A.R.E. (or Care). Cooperative for American Relief to Everywhere.

Cath. Catholic.

Cav. Cavalry.

C.B. Companion of Bath.

C.B.E. Commander of the British Empire.

C.B.F.C. Central Board of Film Censors.

C.B.I. Central Bureau of Investigation.

C.B.R.R. Central Board of Railway Research.

C.C. Cricket Club; Calcutta Corporation.

C.C., cc. cubic centimetre(s).

C.C.S. Casualty Clearing Station.

C.D.S.O. Companion of the Distinguished Service Order.

C.E. Civil Engineer.

Ce cerium.

C.E.B. Central Electricity Board.

C.G.S. Centimetre-gramme-second unit or system.

Cel. Celsius.

Celt. Celtic.

Cen.  central; century.

CENTO. Central Treaty Organization.

cert(if). certificate; certificated; certify.

C.F. Chaplain to the Forces.

cf. confer (=compare).

Cf. californium.

C.F.P.C. Central Family Planning Council.

cg. centigram(s).

Ch.  Chief; China; Church.

ch. chaldron; chapter.

Chap. Chaplain; chapter.

chem. Chemistry; chemical.

Chin. China; Chinese.

choc. chocolate.

Chr. Christ; Christian.

Chron. Chronicles.

chron. chronicle; chronology; chrono logical.

CI.A. Central  Intelligence  Agency.

Cic. Cicero.

C.I.D. Criminal Investigation Depart-ment. 

C.I.E. Companion of the Indian Empire.

C.I.G.S. Chief of the Imperial General staff. 

C.I.I. Chartered Insurance Institute.

C-in-C. Commander-in-Chief.

cir(c). circa, circiter, circun (=about).

C.I.S. Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

CI.T. Calcutta Improvement Trust.

civ. civil; civilian.

C.J.Chief Justice.

CI chlorine.

cl. class; clause.

C.L.R. Computer Language Recorder.

C.L.T. Computer Language Translator.

cm. centimetre(s).

C.M.D.A. Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority.

C.N.D. Campaign for Nuclear Disarma ment. 

C.N.S. Central Nervous System.

C.O. Commanding Officer.

co. Company

c/o. care of.

c.o.d. cash on dclivery.

C. of E. Church of England.

cog. Cognate.

C.o.g. centre of gravity.

Col. Colonel; Column.

coll. college; colloquial; colloquially.

collat. collateral; collaterally.

colloq. colloquial; colloquially.

Com. Commander; Commodore; Com-

mittee, Commissioner; Comrade; Com munist.

com. common; commerce.

Comdr. Commander.

Comdt. Commandant.

Cominform. Communist Information Bureau.

Comintern. Communist International.

Commissr. Commissioner.

comp. comparative; compound, com pounded.

Con. Consul.

con. contra(=against).

confab. confabulate.

Cong. Congress; Congregation.

conj. conjunction, conjunctive.

con. sec. conic sections.

cont(d). continued.

co-op. co-operative.

corol(1). corollary.

Corp. Corporation.

cos. Cosine.

cosec. cosecant.

cot. Cotangent.

coz. Cousin.

cp. compare.

C.P. Calcutta Police.

C.P.C. Civil Procedure Codc.

C.P.I. Communist Party of India.

C.P.I.(M), C.P.M. Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Cpl. Corporal.

Cr. crcdit; creditor.

C.R.E.D.O. Curriculum Research and Educational Development Overseas (now C. E.D. O

C.R.P. Central Reserve Police.

Cr.P.C. Criminal Procedure Code.

c.r.t. Cathode-ray tube.

C.S. Civil Service.

C.S.I. Companion of the Star of India, Church of South India.

C.S.I.R. Council of Scientific and Indus trial Rescarch.

ct. cent; carat.

Ct. Connecticut.

Cu cuprum (=Copper).

cu(b). cubic.

C.U. Calcutta University.

C.V.O. Commander of thc Royal Vic torian Order.

C.W.P.C. Central Water and Power Commission.

cwt. hundredweight(s).

Cyc., Cyclo. Cyclopaedia.

Cym. Cymric.

Simple Tense

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